OPRAH by Queue Queue

Music video directed, shot and edited by Megan Weaver, dancing by Alexa Capareda, featuring Claire Hamilton on bass, Carrie Clark on guitar and Mary Streepy on drums. June 2019

Ghost Card

Conceived and directed by Megan Weaver and Hassan Christopher.  Choreography by Hassan Christopher in collaboration with the ensemble.  Costumes by Anastasia Schneider/enfant gâté.  Featuring Two Too Large Tables by Allan and Ellen Wexler.  Photos: Hassan Christopher.

Hudson River Park, August 2016.

A voyeuristic gang of hungry ghosts feed on the stories of the living through this audience interactive, card-game-turned-performance at Hudson River Park. Enslaved to the rules of chance, six unruly ghosts and an obsessed card dealer relive true, crowdsourced tales through contemporary dance and a host of irreverent storytelling tactics.  

Production Highlights

The 7 Layers of Bastian Bachman

Directed by Megan Weaver.  Conceived by Megan Weaver, Alex Oliszewski, Anastasia Schneider and Adam Vachon.  Devised by the ensemble.  Photos: Alexandra Scoville, Gabriel Radley, Tim Trumble.

The Icehouse, Phoenix AZ, January 2014.  

 Devised from Oliver Sacks’ Musicophilia, Hofstadter’s Gödel Escher Bach, and the music of John Cage, David Bowie and Philip Glass, this immersive piece explores the malfunctioning mindscape of a terminally ill composer in his quest to make things right before time runs out.  World premiere.

Production Highlights

The Fall of the House of Escher

Directed by Megan Weaver and Brian Foley. Devised by Punctum. Arizona State University Lyceum Theater, September 2013.  Photos: Tim Trumble and Matthew Ragan.

A mind-bending work of surrealism by resident MFA company Punctum, The Fall of the House of Escher explores the worlds of Edgar Allan Poe, M. C. Escher and quantum mechanics through the lens of interactive performance. World premiere.


Full Production


By Lisa Loomer.  Directed by Megan Weaver. Arizona State University Galvin Playhouse, November 2012.  Photos: Tim Trumble.

¡Bocón! tells the story of twelve-year-old Miguel who flees a repressive regime in Central America.  Miguel loses his voice when his parents are taken, and begins a metaphorical journey north to the City of Angels. Along the way he meets La Llorona, the legendary “Weeping Woman” of Mexican and Central American mythology.  


POVV [prisoner of view/point of war]

Directed by Megan Weaver and Brian Foley. Devised by Punctum. Arizona State University Lyceum Theater, September 2012. Photos: Tim Trumble. 

 Mixing physical virtuosity, poetic language, pop culture and innovative interactive media, POVV explodes questions of identity, surveillance, and the new American Dream in this world premiere by Punctum.

AriZoni Theatre Award of Excellence for Best Original Script

Cause of Failure

By Megan Weaver.  Directed by Leta Tremblay. Produced by FullStop Collective in association with the New York International Fringe Festival.  The Kraine Theatre, NYC, August 2012.  Photos: Brian Hashimoto.

When Maggie was born, she pulled her mother's heart out with her.  So begins one young woman's magical journey through terminal illness and the limits of love.  World premiere.

NYTheater.com Best of Fringe 2012


By Mark Ravenhill.  Based on the novel by Terry Pratchett.  Directed by Megan Weaver.  Arizona State University Galvin Playhouse, April 2014.  Photos: Tim Trumble.

A parallel world, 1860. Two teenagers are thrown together by a tsunami that has destroyed Mau’s village and left Daphne shipwrecked on his South Pacific island thousands of miles from home. Together they come of age amid puppetry, movement, rhythm and song, as they found a new Nation.

KCACTF Meritorious Achievement in Directing; AriZoni Award for Best Director


Full Production (password asunation)


By Sarah Ruhl.  Directed by Megan Weaver.  George Fox University Wood-Mar Theatre, April 2010.  Photos: Bryan Boyd.

The Belief Project

Written by Megan Weaver, in collaboration with the ensemble.  Conceived and directed by Leta Tremblay.  FullStop Collective at IRT, March 2015.  Photos: Kacey Stamats.

The Belief Project blends childhood mythology with national tragedy to explore the many complicated sides of the gun control debate. Delving deep into the beliefs that drive violent action in a polarized American populace, Belief collides the Newtown shootings with the Peter Pan myth to examine the nightmares, fantasies and never-agains governing a world where some children will never grow up.

Twelfth Night

By William Shakespeare.  Directed by Megan Weaver.  George Fox University Wood Mar Theatre, October 2014.  Photos: Joel Bock.


By Eugene O'Neill.  Directed by Megan Weaver.  Mystic Seaport, Summer 2009.

O'Neill's harrowing one-act play, staged on the deck of Mystic Seaport's 1921 schooner Dunton, tells the story of an unforgiving Arctic whaling captain, his gentle wife driven mad, and the obsession that threatens all they hold dear.

The Echo Project

Directed by Megan Weaver.  Conceived by Megan Weaver and Brunella Provvidente.  Devised, designed and performed by Weaver, Provvidente, Tyler Eglen and Adam Vachon.  Arizona State University Art Museum Nymphaeum, March 2013.  Photos: Chelsea Pace.

A theatrical suspension of memory and multiplicity, devised from Ovid, Proust, and the Surrealists. A narcissistic water play. With fountains. World premiere.

The Push to Mate

By Patrick Shaw.  Directed by Megan Weaver. FullStop Collective FOREPLAYS 2011.  Galapagos Art Space, Brooklyn, February 2011.  Photos: Brian Hashimoto.

Two pandas, one reporter, a ticking biological clock and a zoologist desperate to try anything.  Will Mei Xiang and Tian Tian find the mood for some lovin’ before the ovulation window closes?  A comedic romp through the absurdities of love, sex and procreation.  World premiere.

American Agency

By Alexandra Bassett.  Directed by Megan Weaver.  Arizona State University Nelson Studio, December 2011.  Photos: Adam Vachon.

This high-octane comedy re-imagines the world of the Heavenly Muses as a Sorkin-esque corporate ad agency in the sky.  Four Muses race against a cosmic deadline to come up with the next great adage to inspire the 20-something American female demographic...and they are stumped.  Stakes rise and pulses race as the clock ticks down, causing the Muses to resort to some epic, even apocalyptic, measures.  Arizona premiere.