Appendix D-1

Nation Music

Composed by Megan Weaver

Imo Song

Featured: Act 1 Scene 2, with reprises in Act 1 Scenes 7 and 14

Inspiration: Manu Korwea sings Maori Creation Song

Beer Song

Featured: Act 1 Scene 10

Inspiration: Tihore Mai te Range by Ria Hall

Birthday Song

Featured: Act 2 Scene 1

Inspiration: Uncle Nathan's Chant

Welcome Ceremony

Featured: Act 2 Scene 9

Inspiration: Mark Keali'i-Ho'omanu

Other Songs

Ancient Islander/Beer Song Remix, Act 1 Scene 15

Beer Song/Imo Dirge Remix, Act 2 Scene 5

Ataba's Funeral Chant for Twinkle, Act 1 Scene 10

Hymns featured in Act 1 Scenes 1 and 15